DP Deputy Hints Russia Included in Scheme of Rama-Vucic-Zaev on ‘European Balkans’

Occult’ meeting has been called the virtual conversation between premier of Albania and North Macedonia Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev and Serb President Aleksandar Vucic by the senior official of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Tritan Shehu in a post released on Thursday

“It was Zaev who announced about the new finding of that trio: "New European Balkans" - Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania - the so-called Balkan Mini Schengen after today's online meeting which undoubtedly had as center Belgrade and universal leader Vucic," said Shehu, an elected DP deputy in the April 25 elections. According to him, not only Kosovo "disappears" from the map of the Balkans by this act, but also 8 other countries, of which 5 are EU members.

In fact, it is only the" New Yugoslavia" which has nothing in common with the project which takes into consideration the reality, geography, history, affiliation, interests and great aspirations not only of Albanians but also of Pristina. Shehu praised the firm attitude of the leaders of Kosovo against this scheme.

Meanwhile, according to Shehu, Rama, Vucic and Zaev are preparing the decision-making meeting of July 29 in secret and without any transparency.

“It is not excluded that Russia will be included in this new anti-Albanian geopolitical notion. In fact, there are all premises for this as Serbia has already signed the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union with Moscow like a "chain" of withdrawal for this "New Yugoslavia" having as cover the Balkan Mini Schengen,” he said.

"Dark days with serious national and historical consequences await us, if such ominous projects will be allowed to advance," said the DP senior official, Tritan Shehu. / Argumentum.al