DP Head Pleased with OSCE / ODIHR Report on April 25 Elections in Albania

"The OSCE / ODIHR has confirmed that April 25 was an election massacre," said Lulzim Basha, head of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), in a comment on the April 25  general elections report published on Monday. The report was the seal of shame on the biggest theft in the history of pluralism, he said.

"The OSCE / ODIHR has confirmed the vote theft," said Basha, who added that the DP is stronger and more determined to bring the regime to an end.

Further on Basha said the special prosecution authority on serious crime, SPAK, shouldn't  ping-pong regarding the release of the perpetrators of the file "339".

"Punish the accomplices of the crime, who deprived the Albanians of the right to free elections!" Basha said addressing SPAK.

"We will enter into partnerships with Euro-Atlantic friends, Albania will not return to the East," said Basha.

As far as the relationship with internationals is concerned Basha said his party will work together with them on a platform to restore legitimacy.

DP lost the April 25 poll for the third consecutive term as the Socialist PM, Edi Rama declared on Monday his left wing party will stay in power until 2035. / argumentum.al