DP Says Highest Government Officials Behind 28m Euro Corruptive Affair in Interior Ministry

Eight Interior Ministry officials, who have been detained under the charge of alleged corrupt abuses in a tender for police uniforms worth 28m euros, are being questioned and their houses have been searched.

The director of the department of procurement department, Edlira Naqellari is among the suspects, and "BalkanWeb" portal reported on Saturday that the police have exercised controls having a court decision in the apartments of citizens Edlira Naqellari, Ani Omuri, Kreshnik Bejkaj, Klevis Hasani, Flutura Çekrezi, Anisa Bogdani, Fatmir Demneri, Gëzim Mingaj and Mariglen Buzali.

The tender was awarded at the time when the Ministry of Interior was headed by Sander Lleshaj, while it was reported in 2020 by the Democratic Parliamentary Group, respectively by deputies Myslim Murrizi and Halit Valteri.

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has considered as a bell of alarm the tender scandal of the Interior Ministry in which the above-mentioned officials were arrested due their suspected involvement in it. In a statement to the media, the elected MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj, a senior DP official, said that time gave the right to the Democratic Party to fight in defense of the public interest once again. He further added that the hit against this affair cannot be considered complete, if justice does not knock at the doors of Plarent Ndreca, Sander Lleshaj and Edi Rama.

"The Democratic Party is aware of the fact that the Ministry of Interior was notified about this operation three days ago, giving all the opportunities to those involved in this affair to hide the evidence," said Alibeaj.

He concluded the statement by saying that there is no Albanian who does not know that a corrupt operation of this magnitude could not have happened without the involvement of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Plarent Ndreca, a corrupt operation of this magnitude could not have happened without the involvement of the Minister of Interior, Sander Lleshaj, a corrupt operation of these proportions could not have happened without the involvement of PM Edi Rama. / Argumentum.al