DP's Basha Doesn't Recognize April 25 Elections But Finds Himself Amidst Harsh Criticism in Assembly

The chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has stated that the history of the April 25 elections is not closed, while he confirmed that the DP does not recognize this process.

Basha said at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party held on Saturday that they are not in battle with the Socialist Party, but in the war with the model built by Edi Rama within this political force.

"We know that Edi Rama is the enemy of democracy, everyone knows that Edi Rama has manipulated the elections, but we also know that Edi Rama can not buy his yesterday," said Basha, who has received many invitations from Rama to cooperate together without any 'red lines'.

According to Basha, the weight of corruption, the crime with which he collaborates and 8 years of failures rest on Rama like the sword of Democletus, which is getting heavier.

But he could not give an explanation how DP will defeat Rama a concern expressed by many deputies like Grida Duma.

Basha said April 25 is not a closed story for DP, the election massacre is not just the next trick against Albanians and internationals, but it is a crime that requires punishment.

"We do not recognize it and its authors must and will bear responsibility for what they have done to our country and democracy! Our battle is not even with the Socialist Party. We are at war with the model that Edi Rama has built within that political force," said Basha.

Elected deputy Mark Marku said for the DP to come to power it must be transformed completely.

According to him, DP should be rebounded and this can be done having a mission.

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