DP's Head in Restructuring Drive of Party after April 25 Failure in Albanian General Election

About 11 changes to the statute of the Democratic Party (DP), among which the proposal to elect candidates for mayors through consultations with the membership, have been presented by DP Head Lulzim Basha to the Permanent Statutory Commission.

"The concept of internal democracy in the party has been expanded, including the selection of local government candidates, limiting the competence of the chairman in this regard," said Basha's proposal.

“[…] The obligation to consult the membership is also included for the candidates for local government, who after consultation with the membership will be proposed by the Chairman of the Party, appointed by the Presidency and the full list will be approved by the National Council. In this way, the National Council is involved in decision-making as a ratifying body of the list," the proposal reads.

Basha also proposes the expansion of the party leadership and secretariats. The chairmen of the National Council, the financial board, the election commission, the appeal, will automatically become members of the Presidency.

The National Council, on the other hand, is proposed to add departments such as the "County Coordinating Council" as a new structure that will be headed by the political leader of the county.

It is worth mentioning that earlier changes in the statute of the Democratic Party were made by Rudin Sata and Fatbardh Kadilli.

The proposals are expected to be discussed by the Chairmanship and then they will approved by the party's National Assembly to convene on July 17.

The National Assembly is expected to analyze the elections of April 25, which Basha has considered as an "electoral massacre", while it is also planned the voting of new members of the Council.

No one knows what will happen with senior figures like former president Bujar Nishani who demanded the resignation of Basha but failed as the latter outmaneuvered them by being reelected in a grassroots party election.

The new proposals do not include any clause anticipating dismissal of the party chairman in case of loss in parliamentary elections.

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