DP’s Shehu Whips Ambassadors for Their Quietude in Face of PM’s Power Abuse

The stance of the foreign ambassadors accredited to Tirana has been considered mumbling in face of the extreme abuse of power by the autocratic regime of PM Edi Rama and the pseudo parliament by the senior official of the Democratic Party (DP), Tritan Shehu.

"It seems as if there are no international institutions in Tirana, those who today must speak loudly, in fact must shout about what is happening due to the deep degradation of the Albanian democracy even through that unconstitutional Parliament of 42 “puppets”!" Shehu said in a comment carried by local media and social networks on Thursday

According to him, any of them can tell DP officials that they left vacant seats in parliament. "This may stand, but even a serious mistake from our pathos and irrational enthusiasm at that time cannot be corrected with a continuation of crimes against the rule of law committed by this regime, which is thus destroying the Albanian democracy every day," said Shehu, a former FM during the rule of DP.

He raised the question of what the ambassadors are doing today when the Albanian democracy, its institutions are being shattered to the core. "Silence or just a few timid stutters, some voices that seem to tremble when they speak"!

Shehu said that the Constitution and the electoral code were flagrantly affected, there are attempts to "dismiss" the President and finally, on the last day of that legislative caricature, the head of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) is appointed in complete violation of the criteria of the European institutions themselves!

"And our Western partners, the authors of those criteria, those we trust, EU countries, major donors and neighbors, Brussels, CoE, OSCE, etc., in whom we hope, remain silent or just stutter formally", Shehu said.

In addition, he considered it more paradoxical when they keep silent or pretend to respond even when this regime attacks, mocks them directly, and accuses them of being responsible for blocking the integration of Albania, when it throws on partners "mud" which Rama has "cooked" in Albania!

"Dear friends and super friends of the West, this is not how you help us, nor can you save Albania from the abyss where this regime is sinking us by distancing it from democracy and Europe. As I say the above, I do not exclude at all what we must do in the face of the regime, do it better and more powerfully to save our country"! concluded DP deputy in the new parliament Tritan Shehu. / Argumentum.al