Elderly, the Abandoned by All in Albania!


The energetic engagement of the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim for the implementation of the reform in the judicial system, the fight against corruption in government institutions and protection of human rights in Albania is to be applauded. She spares no case to speak out supporting the performance of the government.  A just justice free of corruption and respect of human rights have been wished from Albanians since long.  But incidentally the US Ambassador has said not a single word on the dire situation of the elderly, who are part of the Albanian society like in the US, the EU countries and elsewhere.

For example, special attention is paid to elderly in the US because its authorities see in them a generation that contributed to the development of the country, its protection and the strengthening of human rights with their work. Part of that attention is the retired people having a target leaving no one behind.

It would have been a very humanitarian deed if the Ambassador touched upon this issue and draw the attention of the authorities for the plight of the elderly, particularly regarding the amount of the retirement pay. Maybe Ambassador Kim does not know but the average monthly amount of the pension varies from 15,000 to 20,000 leks, which means 5 dollars per day. For sure she would not believe that the most elementary living needs cannot be met with that amount of money by one of the most vulnerable groups of the population of this Balkan country. Such a violation of one of the most fundamental human rights is deplorable and no justification can excuse any government of any country the more so those countries like Albania which aspires to join the European Union and is a NATO member country.

No official of the country, which is considered as the champion of human rights and democracy, would ignore the plight of the majority of the pensioners in Albania. Ambassador Kim is very right when she backs and encourages the special prosecution authority for the fight of serious crime known as SPAK, the vetting of the officials of the judiciary, the punishment of those whose wealth is enormous having been earned illegally. Her encouragement to those institutions dealing with the pension system to review it would have been a noble deed for the protection of human rights in a country considered as a strategic ally.

There is no doubt that the protection of human rights is sacred for the top diplomat of a country, which is the founder and the major contributor to the United Nations. The ‘leave no one behind’ agenda as part of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN means narrowing inequality between the rich and the poor, the reduction of deprivations, particularly for the elderly, who cannot make ends meet even though they have made a great contribution to this country. / argumentum.al