Epidemiologist Warns Most Cases Will DELTA Variant in Albania in August?

The epidemiologist, Ilir Alimehmeti has revealed that there are many variants of COVID-19 in Albania, including the Delta virus.

He said on Saturday to a local TV that the current number of infections is extremely low, while adding that an increase in infections is expected in the months of autumn.

However, according to the doctor, the autumn that is on the verge will be with a smaller number of infections compared to the autumn of last year. In the meantime, the doctor said that even if the DELTA variant is not currently in Albania, it will be present soon.

He said that this variant of the virus has an infectivity rate of over 40%, while the symptoms it shows are similar to other viruses, so, according to the doctor, the spread of the infection is greater.

"We cannot keep the Delta out. We have no method. A month ago the WHO announced that 92 countries had the DELTA present, while the countries around us have reported cases. We are not another planet but part of Europe. In August , most cases are expected to be DELTA variant," said Dr. Alimehmeti. / Argumentum.al