EU Envoy Admits Kurti-Vucic Meeting Showed ‘Very Different’ Approaches of Both Sides

The antagonistic stances of PM of Kosovo Albin Kurti and President of Serbia Aleksander Vucic have brought as expected to a stalemate the dialogue between the two countries as Kurti declared that he had proposed that the two countries sign a 6-point peace agreement, but it was rejected by the Serbian side before even presenting it.

Such a revelation was made after the meeting held in Brussels on July 19. “It (the peace agreement) was refused without even being read first, this indicates their non-compliance toward an agreement,” has said Kurti.

Kurti said that as part of the issue of the missing persons, Kosovo side asked for the words “facing the past” to be included, which was accepted by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Borrell, but Vučić did not agree to discuss this point.

There are reportedly over 1600 missing Kosovo persons including children, women, elderly and other people victims of the bloody genocide of the Milosevic regime. Such an issue became very sensitive after the commemoration of the Srebrenica victims of the Serb genocide during which over 8000 Muslim Bosniaks lost their lives.

Kurti said that he presented the President of Serbia with three books about Serbia’s crimes against Albanians, but that he received only insults as a gift from him.

“We will make sure that everyone exercises their rights. Kosovo was under an international protectorate, under UNMIK, EULEX, now under the Special Court, and we have always been under the supervision of international justice, which was not the case with Serbia,” he said, adding that he was against any violence in Kosovo, especially against minorities. “Those who want division, such acts suit them.”

For his part Vučić described the meeting as “even worse” than the one held in June, saying the Serbian side accepted the proposals prepared by the EU, while the Kosovo side rejected them.

“We have received EU proposals that have been harmonized with our chief negotiators and Serbia has fully agreed with what the EU has proposed, three points – to intensify efforts to identify the remains of missing persons, to refrain from actions that could potentially destabilize the situation in on the ground and third, that the main negotiators meet regularly once a month and prepare meetings when necessary. We could not agree on these three points,” Serbian President said.

He noted that the rejection of the second point, on refraining from destabilizing actions, was “especially interesting”, adding that Kurti accused Serbia of committing three genocides over Kosovo Albanians in the 19th and 20th century, with the last one taking place in 1999.

Earlier during the meeting, Vučić showed the interlocutors the photographs of, as Radio-Television of Serbia reported, 80 ethnically and religiously based attacks on Kosovo Serbs since the beginning of the year.

EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčak, who met separately with Vučić and Kurti earlier on Monday, said after the meeting that it was a hard one and that it showed very different approaches of the two sides, hence very little progress was achieved.

The only thing that was agreed is that the Dialogue would continue, with the meeting on the technical level scheduled for August. /