Ex-Deputy FM Says OSCE/ODIHR Report on Albania’s Elections a Replica of Previous Ones

The resignation of 14 members of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) in Korça, headed by the Secretary of the Branch, Devi Osmani and the former chairman in this region, Andrea Mano, is the last signal of alarm for the situation in which is the largest opposition force in Albania, has said the former member of DP’s National Council, Edit Harxhi.

According to her, the dissatisfaction and mass resignation of some of the veteran members of the leadership of the branch of Korça, southeastern Albania, shows once again that the DP has been caught in every segment of it and that its members can no longer become part of the games of the acting head, Lulzim Basha.

In a comment on the final report of OSCE/ODIHR on the April elections she said it was a replica of the previous report. "So, the elections are over and Edi Rama and his government will govern the country again in September in a worse way, while the opposition will continue to pay the price of leaving the parliament and not entering the local elections of 2019," Harxhi, a former deputy FM, said on Wednesday.

Further on she blamed the DP Head, Lulzim Basha for not taking any responsibility for the failure of the opposition in the April 25 elections and the situation in the largest right-wing political force in Albania.

"The Democratic Party is no longer democratic and free, and the incumbent chairman, who came out with only 30% of the membership vote, after excluding about 30,000 Democrats from the right to vote and to be elected is not responsible for his house,” she said.

"According to her, in Albania where corruption is one with the state and when the opposition has become one with the ruling majority, Albanians are abandoned," Harxhi said, hoping that the opposition will rise again strongly. "Without the resurgence of the opposition there will be no liberation from the current evil!" concluded Harxhi. / /argumentum.al