Ex- Deputy Interior Minister and Her Accomplices in House Arrest over Corruption

The Special Court has ruled the security measure "house arrest" for the former Deputy Interior Minister, Rovena Voda for the criminal offense "exercising illegal influence over persons exercising public functions".

The decision was taken on Wednesday after an investigation by the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), which revealed that Voda was paid in euros and with material goods by Majlinda Hasani and Florida Beu, to appoint the latter to the Department of Administration Public.

"Unfair monetary and material benefits in this case were given and accepted in order for the citizen, Rovena Voda to exert illegal influence on other persons exercising public functions in order to unfairly favor the citizen, Florida Beu so that the last one to be appointed a civil servant in the executive structures,” reads the announcement released by SPAK on Wednesday.

Preliminary investigations into this criminal proceeding are ongoing and have not yet been completed. On July 30, 2020, Rovena Voda was relieved of her duties as Deputy Minister of Interior.

"The judicial police services of the State Police Directorate have executed today the personal security measure imposed on Voda, Hasani and Beu. Preliminary investigations for this criminal proceeding are ongoing and have not yet been completed," said SPAK in its statement.

The detention of the former deputy interior minister and of two mayors of Lushnja and Pogradec as well as a dozen of their accomplices during the last days have prompted hearsay by certain analysts that there would be a new wave of arrests of higher- ranking officials in Albania, where since long has been spoken, especially by the US Ambassador of the detention of ‘big fish’.  / argumentum.al