Ex-President Says Basha Has Humiliated DP in the Eyes of World Public Opinion

"The National Assembly of the Democratic Party (DP) convened not to address the political plight of the Democratic Party, of the Albanian opposition and the suffering of Albanians, but was called to cover the political quagmire of Lulzim Basha," has said the former president, Bujar Nishani, who was not reelected head of the National Assembly.

Nishani said on Monday that DP held the National Assembly against the background of the fourth loss in a row in front of its opponents, remaining three consecutive mandates in opposition for a period of 12 years for the first time in its history and with a very high risk of losing again in the next elections.

April 25, 2021 marked the third failure of DP to come to power, being defeated  in the general elections by the ruling Socialist Party (SP) run by PM Edi Rama, a defeat which prompted massive demand of DP’s grassroots and political officials for the current head Lulzim Basha to resign. He not only ignored resignation, but succeeded to be reelected for another unlimited mandate.

"In the elections of April 25, DP got 60,000 votes fewer than in 2013 when it lost after 8 years in government and with 120,000 votes fewer than in 2009 when it was the last victory for DP," said Nishani.

According to him, the only rhetoric and statutory act of the Assembly held on July 17 was to guarantee the "repression" of Lulzim Basha over the Democratic Party. “After 8 years, Basha decided to show the "teeth" of his power to the membership, sympathizers, activists, voters of the Democratic Party. Lulzim Basha does not understand that this ridiculous behavior further degrades the perception of him in the midst of DP membership, among DP voters and even in the entire public opinion."

Further on Nishani said that Basha has never participated in electoral campaigns, to collect votes, to fight for any DP representative in electoral competitions. "He has already benefited from the sacrifices of others," he said, adding that Basha does not even know what the state is, because the first job he has done in Albania is as a Minister.

“Lulzim Basha managed to cause the Democrats what neither Fatos Nano, nor Edi Rama, nor any of their political opponents could do in the 30 years of political battles. Lulzim Basha knows the "toy" state where he can have fun and the office party where he can be employed," said Nishani. The former president concluded by saying that Basha has humiliated DP in face of the world public opinion. / Argumentum.al