Explosion of Gas Cylinders in Velipoja Beach Puts at Risk Life of a 4-member Family

The medical staff in the central hospital in Tirana has said the injured persons by the explosion of gas cylinders at a hotel in Velipoja beach, northern Albania, on Sunday morning are in very serious conditions and it’s impossible to take them to Italy for more specialized medical treatment.

According to the details provided by the University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa" (QSUT), the mother and her three children have severe burns on the body and are in intensive care.

"This morning, the patients A. Gj, 40, D. Gj, 19, K. Gj, 15, and E. Gj, 11, were hospitalized at the Plastic Service Ward of the QSUT. After the first medical consultation it was concluded that patients have severe burns on the body. They are currently being treated with intensive treatment and under constant follow-up by the medical staff," the hospital said in a statement on Sunday.

On the other hand, local media quoted hospital sources as saying that the burns are of the third and fourth degree and the four members of the Gjoka family are in serious condition and in danger for life.

Doctors have said they cannot be transferred to Italy as their condition is very serious. Also, referring to the fact that the burned family members jumped into the pool, doctors have claimed that the moment you are engulfed by flames water helps stop the burning of the body, but in this case the pool had chlorine, a chemical that is thought to negatively affect the burning of the body. /argumentum.al