Helvetic Airlines' Flight from Zurich Marks Opening of Kukes International Airport

"This marks the opening of the second 'sky gate' for commercial flights," has said the
Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi at the ceremony organized at Kukës airport where the Helvetic Airlines passenger plane landed, thus marking the official launch of flights at the second Albanian international airport, "ZAYED-North Wings" in Kukës, northeastern Albania, on July 9, 2021.
The plane was coming from Zurich and landed at Kukes airport around 12:45 on Friday.
The mayor of Prizren, Myther Haskuka, was also present at the welcoming ceremony of the first 67 passengers from Switzerland, who were mainly from Kosovo and to celebrate the launch of the second Albanian civil airport, who praised this investment as assistance to Kosovo.
"If until a little while ago in Prizren it was said two hours from the sea the house is for sale, now we have another saying: 25 minutes from the airport," said Haskuka.
While the representative of the airport said that "we are open arms to wait for other new companies, which will come to Kukes airport with great pleasure."
Kukes International Airport "ZAYED-North Wings" has a runway of 2.2 kilometers and its observation tower, while the runway is designed to hold 3 aircraft simultaneously. In the meantime 4 aircraft can depart from this airport within an hour.
The terminal occupies an area of ​​3500 m2, and has 2 entrance gates and there is a museum area commemorating the Kosovo war, which was also the starting point of this airport as a gift from the United Arab Emirates in aid to war refugees. /argumentum.al