Kim Exerts Pressure on DP Head for Ex- President Berisha to Be Kept Out of Parliament

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has reacted on FB on the request that the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim made to the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha on Friday to keep him out of parliament.

Berisha stated emphatically that he will not stop because of any fabrication, slander or manipulation. He said that Ms. Kim is seriously mistaken when she mentions the grass to the Democrats because it is an insult and these quotes Albanians have heard only in the dictatorship.

It was commonly used the expression that Albanians would eat grass and not kneel down before the US imperialism.

Ironically in conclusion the former prime minister said that Albanians do not deserve grass, but transparency. In May, Sali Berisha was declared persona non grata together with his wife and family by the State Secretary, Anthony Blinken under the charges of being involved in corruption.

Berisha has already filed a lawsuit against US Secretary of State Blinken with a French law company.

Berisha asked Blinken to publish any facts, documents or evidence for his decision in Friday's statement.

On the other hand, the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim, went to Basha's office on Friday and after the meeting she hinted that she had asked that Berisha not be in the September parliament.

Furthermore, she stated that "it would be a historical irony but also a tragedy for the country, not only for the party, if the party would eat grass for the sake of a man's personal interests."

Berisha has been the 'pick up' of the US to be the first president of pluralist Albania and their collaboration has been extensive. No one knows the true reasons why Washington has sold out his former benjamin but Berisha mentions the US multimillionaire, George Soros and PM Edi Rama as the architects of the blow on him./