Kim Pledges US Support to Albania's Fight Against Crime and Terrorism

"Secure borders are important not only for Albania or its close neighbor Greece, but also for the wider global security, which of course includes the United States," said Ambassador Yuri Kim who made that statement at the Kakavija border crossing where the Interior Minister, Bledi Çuçi and the Ambassador of Greece to Tirana, Sophia Philippidou were present on Wednesday. They saw some of the equipment donated by the US government to the State Police under the Export Control and Border Security Program (EXBS).

Ambassador Kim considered Kakavija one of the most important points of entry to Albania and stressed the commitment of the US government to work side by side with the Albanian law enforcement agencies as well as with the Greek counterparts to ensure that the borders function well, are safe and secure.

According to her, the firm commitment of the US government to strengthen law enforcement in Albania is unwavering and  will be forever.

Meanwhile, Greek Ambassador to Tirana Sophia Philippidou said that the Kakavija border crossing is an important point of cooperation between the two countries in the fight against organized crime and smuggling.

According to her, Kakavija checkpoint continues to be an EU external border. "We have FRONTEX on both sides of the border. Our cooperation with Albania will be further strengthened. This will be enhanced when the center for cooperation between the Police and Customs can be established at the border crossing point," said Ambassador Philippidou. /