Kim’s Urge on Basha to Oust Ex-Veteran DP Leader Berisha Blasted by Analysts

Friday’s statement by the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim, who said that the Democratic Party (DP) has difficult decisions ahead, implying in making a decision regarding the position of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha towards participating in the new Parliament in September, has brought about numerous reactions.

Known publicist Fatos Lubonja said on Friday the statements of the American ambassador are contradictory and wrong! According to him, the problem is PM Edi Rama!

Speaking on News24 TV, he emphasized that the presence in DP of Sali Berisha is not the main problem of Albania, but the ghost of Enver Hoxha embodied by Rama, who has all the powers, must be struck.

The analyst said that now is the time for Basha to make decisions. According to him, whether it is a question whether Berisha is included in the parliament or not, then he should convene the National Council and put it to a vote.

"I have expressed myself that politically Berisha should have left a long time ago, but DP and Basha should not be treated as children. This puts the DP in a childish state. He has to make decisions himself," said Lubonja. "Today the number 1 problem for us is not if Berisha is in the DP. The number one problem is in the ruling party that is becoming a state party. If there is any phenomenon that needs to be hit, it is the absolute leader, so Enver Hoxha is among us, the ghost of Enver Hoxha that is embodied by Rama should be hit. So, the corruption and organized crime that has gripped the state is represented by Rama.”

Lubonja concluded by saying that it is important for Basha to mature. "He should make decisions, but not make them by himself. Are we in a democracy? Meet the Assembly, see and vote if you think it is an issue.''

Another reaction came from Agim Xhafka, a known analyst in Albania for years. He wrote on social networks on Friday in an address to the US Ambassador saying that now Sali Berisha is for Albanians like the ‘Voice of America ’in the years of dictatorship’.

Below is the full post by Xhafka: “Ambassador, today Sali Berisha is for us Albanians like the ‘Voice of America’ in the years of dictatorship. We heard the truth and dreamed of freedom when listening to it (VoA). The communists tried to extinguish it, but failed. We mostly stayed close to that voice. We listened there and the breeze of freedom entered our brains.”

There have been no reactions from the ruling Socialist Party which considers Berisha like their arch adversary and PM Edi Rama has repeatedly invited current DP head Basha to collaborate without any ‘red lines’ with the exception of Sali Berisha. /