Kosovo Premier Kurti Hints Washington Agreement Unconstitutional

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has not commented his Government’s position on the Washington Agreement signed by former US President Donald Trump  separately with Kosovo and Serbia, as part of the two countries’ dialogue. Kurti was summoned by MPs to discuss his Cabinet’s position on the Washington agreement, which is also supported by the administration of President Joe Biden.

Instead of explaining his position on the commitments taken by Kosovo when signing the deal in September 2020, Kurti accused former prime minister Avdullah Hoti who signed the agreement, saying that he made unconstitutional actions when pledging to a one-year moratorium on Kosovo’s bid to join international organisations.

One of the points of the Washington deal was to work with the US on a feasibility study for the purpose of sharing the disputed Ujman Lake, as a reliable water and energy supply, between Kosovo and Serbia.

On 24 June 2021 the US Department of Energy published a feasibility report on the management of the Ujman Lake in accordance with the signed deal.

Commenting on Thursday the feasibility study that the US Embassy has handed over to his Office, Kurti said that he would protect the lake form “claims” without providing further details.

Kurti, who refuses to comment the content of the deal, insists on blaming his predecessor Avdullah Hoti that he enabled Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic to enter the White House due to their deal, said GazetaExpress.

“It was impossible for Serbia and its head, who participated in wars in ex-Yugoslavia being minister of Information of Slobodan Milosevic to be hosted [at the White House] without someone from the victimized countries laying the red carpet for him, and this was done by the then prime minister of Kosovo,” Kurti said. / Argumentum.al