Mass Grave Found in Southern Albania Suspected as Burial Site of Opponents of Ex-Communist Regime

A mass grave where 4 bodies are buried and another a little further away have been discovered in the southern town of Permet in Albania believed to contain the remains of citizens executed during the Communist regime.

The remains were found by a construction company that was paving the roads in a neighborhood of the town. The site covers around 100sqm and is believed to contain the remains of five people, said local media on Thursday.

The head of the association of former political persecuted, Nebil Çika has announced that this place has served for the execution of dissidents and opponents of the former communist regime and has been the premises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In an interview for Report Tv on Thursday, Çika said that this grave has been discovered two weeks ago and there is still no reaction by the relevant institutions, mainly byvthe Përmet Prosecutor's Office.

"It was a military unit of the state security. No citizens were allowed in. Now there are palaces but once it was a forbidden area for the citizens. Until 1991 it was the training center of the forces of the Ministry of Interior. These places according to documents from "The archives of the Ministry of Interior" have also been used to execute political opponents. These places have been used as shooting or burial places for those who died from torture," Cika said.

President Ilir Meta has reacted regarding the discovery of the grave in Përmet, which are suspected to be victims of the communist dictatorship.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Meta asked to uncover the truth, adding that those unjustly executed deserve a dignified rest. Meta said that the crimes of the dictatorship must be punished and all the victims of the regime must be found. /