New Legal Package of Public Procurement Unveiled as Number of Corrupt Tenders Goes Up

Some 70 percent of the tenders awarded during the period 2020-2021 are problematic, said Prime Minister Edi Rama unveiling the new legal package of Public Procurement on Tuesday.

Rama warned that if the recommendations of the Public Procurement Agency will fall on deaf ears, the Prime Minister himself will refer the cases to the SPAK.

"The recommendations of the Public Procurement Agency are neither in the bible nor in the Quran. So there are recommendations that can be discussed, but if in a single case the recommendations fall on a deaf ear or there is no answer at all, any such case will go to SPAK. And they will go to SPAK from this building here," he warned.

Further on PM said that if the indifference is intentional or is simply ignorance in relation to state investigations, the relevant indifferent should explain this issue by taking a lawyer with him.

Mayor of Lushnja Fatos Tushe was arrested

together with 8 municipal officials and 2 businessmen a few days ago according to an order from SPAK for abuse of office in connection with an abusive tender worth 24 million ALL.

In the meantime, SPAK completed the investigation and send to court the file for the former Mayor of Pogradec Eduart Kapri and 5 former officials of this Municipality who are accused of the criminal offenses "Violation of the equality of participants in tenders or public auctions" in cooperation and "power abuse".

According to the Democratic Party, 1 in 3 tenders are awarded without competition and that all the reconstruction tenders that Rama observes today with pride are awarded without competition. /