Newly Elected PDK Head Aceepts Mistakes of Opposition in Kosovo

Memli Krasniqi has been elected Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) by open ballot. He has been the only candidate for this position. 476 delegates took part in the voting, where 7 were against and 1 abstained on Saturday.
Immediately after the victory, Krasniqi delivered his first speech as chairman of the PDK, which was founded by the former President, Hashim Thaci, who is currently behind bars in The Hague Court.
"It was also our mistakes that contributed to this situation. How the PDK should operate in this political situation now we should talk openly about some things, and think of the future," Krasniqi said, adding that DPK is currently in opposition.
"We are in opposition today. It was also our mistakes that contributed to this situation. We may not have been able to read the mood of the voters quite accurately, so in the last two elections we did not get enough support from them."
The newly elected chairman, Krasniqi said the reflection is necessary as it can not be continued in the same way. /