Officials Detained in Mortgage Office of Tirana under Charge of Documents' Forgery

Three officials of the Tirana Cadastre office were handcuffed by the police by order of the Special Prosecution Office (SPAK), according to media reports on Monday.

It is learned that the arrest warrants have been issued for some officials, while the operation is still ongoing.

It is also reported that 5 arrest warrants have been issued in total and that the case concerns suspicions of forgery of title land ownership documents.

SPAK has been investigating for several months into forgery of documents which aimed at alienating properties in the Mortgage office. The Special Prosecution has executed 3 arrest warrants for two realtors and a low-level official in the Cadastre offices in Tirana.

Admir Buri, Neritan Balbusha and Gazmend Dije are put behind bars under the charge of "Exercising influence" while Panol Nikolla has been suspended from duty as a mortgage employee. /