Pandemic ‘Warns’ It’s in Albania with One Fatality and Increase of Infections

The frightful return of fatalities from COVID-19 after a break of one month seems as a bell of alarm that the pandemic and its new Delta variant pose threats for their spread. According to an announcement of the Health Ministry, a victim was registered while the number of new cases of affected people mounted to 30 in Albania over the last 24 hours.

The announcement noted that the victim was not vaccinated and the Ministry took the opportunity to call on Albanians to get vaccinated “to protect themselves and the close relatives and to restrain the spread of the dangerous virus”.

In addition, the announcement said that the anti-Covid vaccines reduce the threat of being infected and avoid hospitalization and mortality.

Asked in a talk show why restrictions are not considered as there is a surge of infections during the last few days, a medical expert said it is up to the technical committee but he did not see the situation as threatening.

Anyway, he admitted that the situation will get worse in August because of the relaxation of the preventive measures in the country.

In the meantime, citizens are staying away from the vaccination centers although there are many vaccines.  /