PM Gives 100-Day Ultimatum for Police Forces to Get to Efficiency

The State Police has 100 days to give clear examples that there is punishment to violators and to restore the whole troupe in maximum commitment from the first to the last.

This was the cut and sharp ultimatum made by Prime Minister Edi Rama at a meeting with representatives of the State Police on Thursday.

"You have 100 days to put the whole troupe back in maximum commitment from the first to the last. No more days. Citizens can breathe a sigh of relief by seeing the state police on another level," Rama said.

Such a harsh tone comes as Albania has been engulfed by rising criminalization, corruption and deadly road accidents during the last months.

According to Rama, that should be done for self-respect, respect for the overwhelming mass of the police troupe that is correct and that does not have to pay the costs of a part that should be eliminated by the state police and go to justice.

"After 100 days there can be no commissars playing with two gates. You have no problem catching them and bringing them to justice. There should be clear examples that there is punishment in every district in 100 days. This is a fixed target. In every district, traffic police, eagles, hawks and jackals who are as infiltrated in the police should be brought to justice," said the Prime Minister./