Prosecution Probing into Violence Against Journalists in Albania

State police attempted to apprehend several people suspected of having narcotics in their vehicle in Tirana on Tuesday. But the operation failed as the perpetrators refused to open the car door as they fled quickly. Journalists Ergys Gjençaj and Klodiana Lala were also present at the scene near the area 'Varri i Bamit' on the suburbs of Tirana.

Police officers took the mobile phone from the hand of the journalist Ergys Gjençaj who was filming nearby and they laid him on the ground.

"Our mission is to convey the news, even with our mobile devices, to register the moment where the news is, and so did I," he said.

Gjençaj told local media that police detained him because as they said he had interfered in the police action.

"I was at a distance when the operation was taking place, I was not close to having contacts with the police forces. I did my job and I believe every colleague would do it," he said.

Regarding the incident that happened to the journalists, the Tirana prosecutor's office said on Tuesday that in-depth investigations are being carried out.

"The investigative group is probing into the case on the actions committed by police officers to determine the legality of their actions," said  the announcement of the Prosecution./