Rama Says in Athens SP’s Key to Success Is Its Vision for Albania’s Change

The success of the left-wing Socialist Party (SP) to win the third mandate in the April 25 general elections is due to the fact that on top all it succeeded in the fight to remain the party for change in Albania, has said Prime Minister Edi Rama at the 23rd edition of "Symi Symposium" organized and led by former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou in Athens on Wednesday.

"We won the third term and I believe that above all we succeeded because all the time we have fought to never become a party identified with the power, but to remain in the eyes of the people the party identified with change. Todo that we have fought all the time to continuously change our party," said the PM, who defeated the DP chairman, Lulzim Basha who continues to find fault in the 'electoral massacre' and is trying to restructure his party avoiding all his opponents.

According to Rama, who has made public the target for other ruling mandates when he unveiled the 2030 Albanian vision, it is finally clear to the people that this is the path to progress and that the work must be completed. "A lot of things are better than they used to be, but there are a lot of things that need to be better. We have always tried to be very honest with the people, telling them that if we compare what we have done with what we have to do, we are still far from saying we have succeeded."

He further stated that it was a rather strange campaign and generally a strange war both because of COVID and because a third term was being sought which was not easy.

"But we have succeeded and I am already quite optimistic because we have a lot of important work to do on the environment, energy, infrastructure and also many good foundations for our culture and information technology. We have managed to make a quick change to e-government," said Rama, who got appreciation from the Greek host, former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, for his achievements. / argumentum.al