Rama's 3D Demagogic Calls to Albanians to Be "Vaccinated"!

"Covid vaccination is essential for dealing with this epidemic, even against the Delta variant for the months to come, as a real threat to a part of the world where, unfortunately, it is Albania, too," said a comment released by the senior official of Democratic Party (DP), Tritan Shehu on social networks on Saturday.

According to Shehu, who is elected MP for the new legislation starting next September, this comes from mismanagement, the game with Covax that is already "forgotten", etc., which can be paid with other losses of lives adding to over 16,000 fatalities since March last year up to now.

"In the meantime, the Prime Minister continues his theatricality with the empty calls while our reality shows that Albania ranks below the world average for the number of injections (vaccination requires two) with 38.5 such per 100 inhabitants when the world average where Africa is included, is 49.2," he said.

Shehu noted that Albania needs over 5 million doses for vaccination of at least 85% of the population over 12 years old. He said that the Chinese vaccine has been made for the vast majority the ineffective vaccine without guarantee even against the usual epidemic let alone the Delta variant. The DP deputy said Rama is a Prime Minister, who seeks to hide the tragic Covid reality of the present and dangerous in the future.

Therefore, Shehu thinks that a responsible Government would realize the concentration of energy, financial resources, time, etc., only in providing sufficient doses of certified vaccines, testing the population to know the level of its immunization and launching an extensive safe vaccination campaign of the population over 12 years of age, including those who have so far been vaccinated with those ineffective products. / argumentum.al