Remains of Greek Soldiers Fallen in WWII Removed by Unknown Persons in Dropull

Unidentified persons have broken open the memorial erected to the fallen Greek soldiers in Dropull, while the police of the district city of Gjirokastra, southern Albania,

have launched an investigation into the case.

It is reported by police sources on Saturday that the remains of three Greek soldiers

have been exhumed in a graveyard built after the Italian-Greek war during the Second World War in the village of Vodhina.

The site has always been under the protection of the inhabitants of the village, who are members of the Greek minority in Albania, but was found open by the local head of the commune and two other people on Friday.

According to media reports, several people who introduced themselves as members of the Joint Commission for the Search of Remains had recently went to the village and demanded the removal of the remains of the three Greek soldiers.

Their request has been rejected by the villagers, who have cared for the memorial placed inside the village church over the years.

Following the refusal the villagers found the memorial open and noticed the lack of the remains of the soldiers on the morning of Friday, July 23, 2021.

According to official sources, the specialists of Dropull Police Post have referred the materials to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance of

Gjirokastra, saying that it was found open the memorial erected in honor of Greek soldiers, fallen in the World War II, in the village of Vodhina, Dropull. No names have been reported but the question of the remains of Greek soldiers is a sensitive question in the relations between Albania and Greece.

There is no official reaction by the authorities of the foreign ministry.