Request for Declaring EU Ambassador to Albania Persona Non Grata Made Official

The Alliance for Theater's Protection in Tirana has filed a lawsuit against the EU Ambassador, Luigi Soreca and the Tirana mayor, Erion Veliaj with the special prosecution body, SPAK.

The Alliance accuses Soreca of illegal influence on the Constitutional Court in favor of Veliaj in connection with the Theater case.

"Today, we went for the 12th time to SPAK with criminal charges in addition to 10 different lawsuits we have filed. Today's file is against the ambassador of the European Union, Luigi Soreca, who has exercised illegal influence on the Constitutional Court regarding the issue of the Theater in cooperation with the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj," said Kalaja.

The National Theater was demolished last year despite the objections of a large group of artists, civil organizations and the opposition.

Kalaja said that they had asked President Ilir Meta and Foreign Minister Olta Xhaçka to declare the EU Ambassador persona non grata in Albania.

"We, the Alliance for Theater, see the visit of the ambassador to the Constitutional Court as a criminal offense because he has tried to influence the decision of the Constitutional Court in cooperation with the Mayor. We condemn the criminal action of Ambassador Soreca. We have informed the European Parliament about all these actions. We have also asked the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta to declare him persona non grata in the territory of the presidency and on the other hand we have asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Xhaçka to declare him persona non grata in the territory of Albania," said Kalaja.

She also said that they have asked SPAK to confiscate all film footage inside and outside the Constitutional Court as well as the telephone conversations of Mr. Soreca and the mayor, Veliaj. /