Russia Turns Down as Propaganda Involvemet of Russian Nationals in Espionage in Albania

“NATO Propaganda” has been called the investigation of two Russian nationals for espionage by the Albanian Prosecution in a tweet published on Friday by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to the note, the Albanian media are “fuelling the hype” around the investigation.

Prosecution began in June this year investigations into 2 Russian nationals and 5 Czech citizens for espionage carried out during Defender Europe 21, a major multinational military exercise led by the United States. Part of the exercise was held in Albanian territory and it's the first time of such a massive engagement.

Below is the full tweet of Russian Foreign Ministry:

"Albanian #media are fuelling the hype around the criminal cases opened by local prosecutors against two Russians allegedly suspected of espionage.

Albania sent an inquiry to the Albanian MFA. The incident appears to be an exercise in #NATO propaganda"