SMI's Vasili Lashes out at Delivery of Judicial Reform in Albania

The reformation of judicial system is a witch hunt that is being used against some judges and prosecutors, while others quietly continue their duty despite the fact that their wealth is much greater.

This sensenational statement was made by Vice President of opposition Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) Petrit Vasili in a comment on the 5th anniversary of the launch of Justice Reform in Albania on Friday.

"I am very sorry how this reform has turned out after a few years… Today we have a stubborn fact. In Albania we do not have a single court that functions with the right capacity to be able to cope with the right power and with the right quality," he said.

According to him, there are over 30,000 files at the High Court alone which haven't been considered and there are about 70, 000 other files in the judicial system at all levels of other courts which haven't been seen.

"The way the system has been transformed does not give hope that most of them will be 'touched' in their lifetime. The whole justice reform, its result has turned into the removal of 200 judges. But today 63 percent of Albanians no longer believe in this reform," said Vasili.

He was of the opinion that the vast majority of those who left the Justice Reform that is 95 percent left for the criterion of wealth.

"But it was to have judges who would be judged on professional indicators, on the integrity of the decisions they made, as well as on the integrity of their image and third on their wealth. While it has degraded to a witch-hunting level because "We had judges who ran away for 1 million old lekë, while judges like Adrian Dvorani, who for 100 thousand small undeclared euros remain calm, will be appointed to the Council of Justice," said Vasili. / /