SP's Braho Predicts DP Veteran Leader Berisha Won't Be in New Parliament

The MP of the ruling Socialist Party (SP), Spartak Braho has said that the Democratic Party (DP) veteran leader, Sali Berisha will not be in the new parliament in September.

Although Berisha was elected DP deputy in the April 25 elections, Braho said on Wednesday as quoted by the portal dritare. net that he will not be in parliament in September due to the US decision which has declared him and his family persona non grata.

According to Braho, Berisha's expulsion from politics had been an obligation of his and, as he said, he succeeded in that effort.

"I do not believe that Berisha will be in parliament. I can not prejudge the new parliament as long as those boys and girls we know have been trained by our own hands," said Braho who has been the closest collaborator of President Ilir Meta when both were part of the Socialist Movement for Integration ( SMI).

Braho, a former exponent in the notorious  State Security (Sigurimi i Shtetit) of the communist regime, has been so smart to survive the clashes amidst the left- wing finding a nice corner with the winner.

A strong opponent of the Democratic Party veteran leader Sali Berisha, the SP maverick deputy considered the punishment of Berisha by the US as his accomplished mission.

"We achieved an obligation that Sali Berisha should be expelled from politics and I believe that now politics will deliver," said Braho.

It's to be noted that Braho was among the most hostile deputies demanding the dismissal of President Ilir Meta promoting the decision of parliament which is being considered by the Constitutional Court. / Argumentum.al