State of Emergency Declared in Kosovo Town of Decan over Water Poisoning

As the state of emergency has been declared in the municipality of Decan in Kosovo after more than 900 citizens have fallen sick over the last couple of days showing signs of poisoning, President Ilir Meta called on the Albanian government to provide help for the Kosovo citizens on Tuesday.

Euronews Albania correspondent described the situation as “not good” as more citizens show up at the hospital requiring medical treatment.

Currently, the regional water supply company has suspended operations although preliminary analysis showed that there was no presence of toxic elements in the samples tested.

Mayor Bashkim Ramosaj said that was the second time that a similar occurrence took place in that town located around 90 kilometers east of Prishtina with a population of 4,000 inhabitants.

Authorities are investigating the causes that led to the poisoning after two citizens died, one showing severe poisoning symptoms. The Prosecution demanded an autopsy to learn the cause of the death.

PM Albin Kurti addressed the citizens of Decan in a Facebook status assuring them that the government will take care of everyone affected. “I feel your pain and concern and I wish you a speedy recovery,” Kurti wrote.

In the meantime, Presidenti Meta said he is following the emergency situation in the municipality of Deçan with concern. “I wish quick recovery to the poisoned citizens and the overcoming of this situation without consequences. I express my deepest support and solidarity to the families of the affected persons,” he said.

Having full confidence that the responsible state institutions and justice in Kosovo have all the capacities to discover, clarify the causes and overcome the situation the President urged the Albanian Government to be as close as possible and provide the necessary assistance with expertise. “Albania and Kosovo are always side by side!” concluded President Meta.

It is still unknown what caused the mass poisoning in Deçan. On Monday, the National Institute of Public Health announced that it has found bacteria from some of the samples analyzed, but there are also rumors that this event may be intentional.

In a post on the social network Facebook, the leader of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, said that he followed with concern the situation created in Deçan. He thanked the Emergency Headquarters of the Municipality, Mayor Bashkim Ramosaj, medical and technical staff of QKMF and all those who are engaged in managing this situation.

“While we are waiting for the official report on the causes of this poisoning, all citizens who have symptoms, I wish you to overcome them as soon as possible,” Haradinaj wrote. /