Striking Revelations on Police Uniform Corruption Case Made Public

More than 239,000 items of the contingent of police uniforms have been found missing by the special prosecution authority known as SPAK despite the fact that the contract provided for almost 726,000. The limit fund

was worth 2 billion and 800 million leks and included items such as hats, uniforms or even winter and summer shoes.

This data, which is calculated as economic damage by the special court, aggravates the position of the nine suspects for the uniform tender scandal, for which 2 billion and 800 million ALL were spent, but SPAK noticed that in addition to the violation of equality in the competition, there are also other abuses related to the quality and quantity of police cases, reported Top Channel TV on Wednesday.

The former director of special purchases department, Edlira Naqellari has unveiled that Albanian police had usually been dressed with donations from various countries, including Turkey, and that even today, the state police are not clear about the number of the police troupe as many young people are recruited and others retire or are fired.

But the most interesting testimony is that of a former police officer who introduced himself as the founder of the digital police center, a virtual instrument to which many denunciations have been submitted including wrong parking, illegal construction and abuse of office.

The suspect Klevis Hasani said that he was a collaborator with SPAK and answered every question of the prosecutor.

The other alleged culprits seek release on the grounds that they have health problems or want to stay close to relatives and family. /