Tragic Event Becomes More Tragic in Velipoja

The tragedy has aggravated in Gjoka family, which was involved in the explosion of a gas cylinder on the beach of Velipoja, northern Albania, a few days ago.

Unfortunately, it is learned that the second daughter of the Gjoka family, Klarisa, only 12 years old, also lost her life. She too had received multiple injuries like her 19-year-old sister, Danjela, who was laid to rest on Thursday afternoon.

As local media informs, at the time when 19-year-old Danjela Gjoka was being buried, the tragic news was given that the 12-year-old girl also lost her life.

During the blast of the gas cylinder on the morning of July 5, Alketa Gjoka, 40, Danjela Gjoka, 19, Enriko Gjoka, 15, and Klarisa Gjoka, 12, were seriously injured.

All members of the Gjoka family were taken privately to Italy for treatment. The other two members of the family continue to be in serious condition. /