A Ruined DP by Basha Is Returning to Parliament Ruled by PM Rama, Says Nishani

The Democratic Party (DP) is returning to parliament with its head down and ruined of shame, exactly where it handed over its mandates 2 years ago in February 2019, said the former head of the National Council of the largest opposition political force, Bujar Nishani, who has been critical of the current head, Lulzim Basha because of the failure of the April 25 election giving a third mandate to Socialists and PM Edi Rama.

Nishani, a former president, made that comment on Tuesday a day after the meeting of the National Council of DP which is getting ready zealously to enter Parliament amidst hearsay of politicians and analysts of a new deal between Rama and Basha selling out the former veteran leader , Sali Berisha, who is still deputy in the new parliament despite the fact that the US has proclaimed him persona non grata.

"Today, after the return of the PD parliamentary group to the same Parliament of shame dominated by the product of electoral crime and street crime two years later, the real goal and mission of L. Basha who made up that trap has come to light," said Nishani, who noted that Basha forgot the" Massacre Regime "and articulated the" Corrupt Minority "on Monday.

“Now, L. Basha does not speak a word about the mobilization of the people but tells us that in front of us we have only a "corrupt minority" with which he will make some compromises "for the good of the country"! Democrats do not have to feel betrayed by this, because this is L. Basha's mission," said the former president.

Democrats have simply been deceived several times by L. Basha. The political amnesty that L. Basha is trying to make to Edi Rama's regime is powerless, both politically and morally, but obviously discrediting for him personally.

What is certain in this case is the fact that the biggest interested party and beneficiary to have the same DP as in the last 8 years is Edi Rama and he invests a lot everywhere. Nishani said L. Basha is totally politically discredited in public opinion. "This situation must be resolved. There is no alternative,” concluded Nishani. / argumentum.al