Afghanistan's Disaster Seen by Some as Albania's 'Escape' Brought by Refugees


They have not arrived yet by certain pro government circles are presenting the expected Afghan refugees as the 'saviors' of Albania on the front of employment, education, army, academic life, economy. As if the lists are in their hands of those who will get shelter in this Balkan country, government spokesmen evaluate their skills as the have worked with the US military and intelligence (!!!), in the administration, and other state apparatus in Kabul at the time of the government that fled with the former president the first one to abandon the people and the country.

"They are friendly people and we owe them," said Prime Minister Edi Rama, who reprimanded non-solidarity Europe, but did not reprimand the Afghan leaders who have left the people at the mercy of Taliban power.

It is right that we feel pity and pain for what is happening but the Afganistani people are friendly people of Americans who went to escape them in 2001 but the Taliban defeated the United States who left the country after two decades with an expected bloody impact. The Pentago probably  knows what's going on and the future… and probably the Tirana PM, who is so 'busy' with' the ongoing disaster.

But anyone is  questioning: how about Rama' s Albania, a country with 1000 troubles, with a people who are looking to whatever means to get lost from their homeland...

Then it comes clear the answer: Afghans, Iranians, Syrians are the 'flowers' that are sprouting in the miracle of the 2030 vision framed by Rama and apparently they will enjoy it together!

The US are happy to have found the Mecca of their sort of international solidarity, that is Albania and its leadership. But things should be set straight: the majority of Albanians are worried over this cauldron where they feel miserable as they feel as aliens in their fatherland! /