Albania Burning as 13 Fires Are Active Across This Balkan Country

The Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday that there are 13 active fires torching  Albania from South to North. An announcement released on Wednesday said the fires in Fushë-Arrëz, north of the country, threaten to spread to the inhabited areas. But, according to the Ministry, efforts are being made to put out the fires.

Below is the full announcement released by Defense Ministry on the situation in Albania:

Currently there are 13 fires in our country.

There are still fires, but without danger to homes, in the Karaburun Peninsula (southern Albania) despite the tireless and uninterrupted work of the Armed Forces and the fire service.

There are fires in the village of Cukal, in Shkodra, also without danger to homes.

In Gjirokastra, fires continue in the hearths in the Lunxhëria valley, but without danger to homes. The FA forces are working together with those of the local government to extinguish from the ground.

Work is continuing to extinguish the flames on the pine hill in the village "Arshi Lengo", where in addition to operational forces, the intervention continues from the air by helicopter.

The fires in Fushë-Arrëz are in danger of spreading to the inhabited areas, so an helicopter was sent for air support to the forces that have been working for hours.

Other fires, but without danger to the lives of people and homes are being monitored in the municipality of Tepelena, the forest of Shetaj village, in the village of Manskuri in Durrës, in the village of Lukan in Dibër, in the municipality of Mallakastër and in the village of Shelcan in Elbasan.

Over 500 members of the Armed Forces have been engaged in the operations for extinguishing the flames in some areas of the country and they continue to work tirelessly from the ground and the air./