Albania in Peril of International Terrorism, Says Intelligence Service

Attacks by lone actors and small groups without direct coordination with terrorist organizations remain potentially possible in Albania.

This was revealed by a report of Albania's intelligence service known as SHISH which was published by local media on Monday.

"The Balkan route continues to be an important line for illegal immigration to Europe. The use of this route by elements or operations for terrorist purposes and acts or the use of the country and the region with the aim of crossing into EU countries are not excluded for terrorist activities," said the report which made a balance sheet of what happened in 2020.

Among other things, SHISH in its report focused on Albanian families in Kurdish camps, where the situation is said to be deteriorating. The report also noted that citizens convicted for terrorism and their supporters in the prison system have continued to maintain a radical profile and with a tendency to radicalize others.

A few weeks ago some children and women were brought back to Albania from the so called camps of terror in Syria. Dozens of Albanians fought for Jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq most of whom have reportedly been killed.

Albanian's intelligence service has not been capable to cut the links between them and their sources in Albania.