Albania's Blazes Have Spread Frightfully Across Its Territory

The high levels of heat with temperatures reaching 42 degrees celsius torching fires have engulfed many areas in Albania over the last days.

According to official reports on Sunday, there are eight potential areas where the fires have taken threatening proportions, especially in southern parts of this Balkan country like in Vlora, Fier, and Lushnja, and Kurbin, north of the country.

Hundreds of hectares of pastures and pines were burned on Dukat mountain, 7,000 olive trees in Zheje i Kurbinit, and 3 hectares of pine, 300 olive trees, and 500 meters of vineyards in Lalar, Kraps, and Gjorgoz,

In July, within the Municipality of Lushnja, a total of 10 large fires were reported. Most were accidental, but in two cases, police arrested two individuals for arson.

Another fire was reported in Radhime and one in Orikum, both of which are close to homes and businesses.

In the Protected Area of Karabrun, a large fire is raging and required intervention from the army. Due to difficult terrain and a lack of proper equipment, the authorities are struggling to put out the fires.

The fire in the landfill of the city of Fier was  put out on Sunday and the citizens feel relived from the dense choking smoke which had turned it into a phantom place.

There are repeated warnings by local authorities that the blazes will continue as the high temperatures persist in the entire territory of the country. /