'Black Sunday' in Kosovo with 36 Fatalities Due to COVID-19

'Black record in Kosovo' has been called the balance sheet of victims due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours since March 2020 when the pandemic outbroke in that country neighbouring Albania.

Health authorities reported 36 victims and 1,630 new cases infected and 11,017 tests were performed in the country on Sunday.

Currently in Kosovo there are 26,575 infected with coronavirus, over 1000 have been hospitalized and 61 are in serious condition.

In the last 24 hours 816 patients were cured and the total number of cured has reached 113 699.

In total, 269,312 people have been fully vaccinated in Kosovo

Due to the critical situation as a result of the pandemic, the Kosovo authorities have strengthened the anti-Covid measures for the citizens of Albania as well. The Local Directorate of Border and Migration in Kuk√ęs, north western Albania, has provided details on the new anti-Covid measures that have entered into force in Kosovo. / argumentum.al