Catastrophe Avoided in Durres as Authorities Try to Hide Averted Tragedy

The failed burst of a huge amount of explosion at the business of a German investor with an administrator from Bulgaria on Monday evening brings back the violence against the Lebanese businessman, Faad Mitri a few years ago in the seaport of Durres, central western Albania.

As Panorama newspaper reported on Wednesday, the serious event was recorded on Monday morning in the neighborhood no. 14 of the coastal town, but thankfully the explosive failed to explode at the cement factory. “In both cases we are dealing with direct pressure on foreign investors who have decided to set up businesses in Albania,” said the daily.

When 48 hours have passed since this event, the investigation team has remained only in the context of suspicions as there is no concrete evidence to uncover the motive of this attack or the identification of the perpetrators of the attempted explosion.

According to sources from the investigation team, the guard of the cement factory was violated and then tied up by the three criminals, who placed a very large amount of TNT in one of the columns of the factory after getting out of a vehicle. They were dressed in military clothes and are still at large with no traces of identification. It is said that if the explosives had exploded, the consequences would have been great, as there are also private apartments near the factory.

The investors are quoted by the investigators as saying they had not had any threat before, and the lack of more detailed information is not helping the probe, said the investigators.

It should be noted that relevant bodies in charge of investigation and state police are very reserved, avoiding any comments and most of the media controlled by the government have shut their mouth in face of the catastrophe which could have happened in Durres at the peak of the tourist season. /