Covid Situation Out of Control, DP Former Health Minister Calls for Drastic Measures in Albania

The Covid situation is frightfully aggravating while the government has fallen into a 'lethargic sleep', has said the senior Democratic Party (DP) official and newly elected deputy, Tritan Shehu. "Epidemiological indices today are much more alarming than a year ago. And let us not forget that further deterioration occurred as a result of mismanagement, which led to tragic losses of 16,000 lives of citizens and 50 doctors, massive damage to public health and finances," Shehu said in a post on social networks on Sunday. Shehu, a former health minister, said he had expressed all his concern about an end of autumn and winter this year with more serious consequences than the past unless  the lack of measures is removed and the completely wrong policies are  corrected.

To overcome this prewarned situation Shehu had some among others some  suggestions: mass vaccination only with EMA certified vaccines, regardless of the passage or not of the disease, two-dose revaccination of all those to whom uncertified  and ineffective vaccines have been applied such as the Chinese and Russian ones, lowering the age of vaccination to 12 years, taking measures to start the application of the third dose 6-9 months from the second.

In the meantime the former minister called for the preparation of primary care for the expansion and strengthening of outpatient medical reimbursed procedures as well as the preparation of the hospital system in the suburbs to treat the sick, who need hospitalization. /