Defense Minister on Current Situation of Fires in Albania

"Today we started the day with the good news that the fires have been completely extinguished in Postriba and Mazrek. We are working on the hearth that appeared on the other side of Tërbun Mountain, which developed under the influence of the wind," said the Defense Minister, Niko Peleshi on Monday.

Unveiling the situation in this Balkan country, which languished under the blow of torching blazes for three weeks now, Peleshi said the fires in the village of Flet in the municipality of Fushë-Arrëz, in Thirrë and in the village of Patalej in Lezha are being kept under control. He also said that the fire is of low intensity in the municipality of Mirdita. The work at Majen e Rrunes, Laku i Mollave and Laku i Thive in Kukës continues with dedication, where the situation is still delicate as a result of the fires. "Fortunately, so far there is no danger for the inhabited areas," said Peleshi.

The Minister expressed gratitude to every member of the Armed Forces and to the helicopter crews of the Netherlands and the Czech Republic who continue to intervene from the air to completely extinguish the fires in Albania. /