DP Elects New Leading Figures as Basha Plays the Old Tune of April 25 'Electoral Massacre' in Albania

The head of the Democratic Party (DP) opened and closed his speech held in the National Council of the largest opposition political force reiterating the same tune on the April 25 electoral 'massacre' but declared that DP will return to Parliament. "The election massacre did not give any solution to the citizens. Their problems are not smaller, but bigger, their need for a better life has not been met, but it is threatened by the same model that caused the impoverishment and deprivation of at least 500,000 Albanians," said Basha after returning from one-month summer vacations on Monday. According to him, Albania is marking times  being hostage as the most corrupt government in Europe, which works against the interests of the vast majority of Albanians.

"The task of each of us is to become the voice of the citizens, not forgetting for a single moment who we are and what the Democratic Party represents," he said.

DP lost badly in the April 25 general elections which was the third failure since 2013. Basha's resignation was demanded by a vast majority of membership but he survived a party election.

The election of the new structures made the Democratic Party with four vice-chairmen, two of whom are women. The National Council ruled that Jorida Tabaku, Grida Duma, Alfred Rrushaj and Enkelejd Alibeaj will be vice-chairmen of the Democratic Party and at the same time Basha's "right wing".

Also, meeting of the National Council voted thar Edi Paloka would be chairman of this body replacing Bujar Nishani, a former president of Albania, while Gazmend Bardhi was reconfirmed in office as General Secretary.

Veteran DP leader Sali Berisha was at the meeting despite the decision of the US State Department to declare him persona non-grata. Majority is pressing that Berisha not be.allowed to be a deputy in the new parliament

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