DP Set to Put on All 'Engines' in Autumn to Stop Albania's Fall into Abbys

The senior official of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Tritan Shehu has said the resignation is a personal decision. He made that comment on the decision announced on Friday by the newly elected DP deputy, Mark Marku who relinquished his parliamentary mandate.

Shehu did not elaborate on the charges made by Marku who accused Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha of having turned DP into their personnal tool.

Further on Shehu spoke of preparations for the meeting of the party assembly and the beginning of the new Legislature.

"Let's focus on the parliamentary war we need to wage. Albania is at a tragic and historic crossroads. The fall of the country into the abyss must be stopped," he said.

In addition Shehu announced that the DP is already starting the 'engines' of the opposition fight in this new season, using all its historical and new capacities.

"All institutions, partners, opportunities, communication with the electorate, squares, etc. should be used."

According to him, the DP will make possible the changes that the country needs and that political force will not collapse.

DP suffered a great loss in April 25 general elections which has further split it with many key figures leaving it.

In a comment on the epidemiological situation in Albania Shehu, a former health minister, said it is deteriorating as a result of mismanagement by the government, which, according  to him, had been predicted. In conclusion he described as completely wrong the vaccination policies followed by the government asking for an immediate change. / argumentum.al