DP's Basha Lashed Out over Lack of State Consciousness by Socialist Key Official

One of the main figures of the ruling Socialist Party (SP), the elected MP Petro Koçi, called on the chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha to distance himself from the pyromaniacs on Wednesday.

"You who want to become a statesman and to stop Sali's party again! Where do you have the state consciousness and the vision of the leader? You make a fuss about the helicopter that it may have been used by the Prime Minister for state, not private reasons," said Koçi, a former interior minister.

He called on Basha to come out and speak about the situation accusing him of  worshiping fires as a political tool, which is taking people's lives this time.

Koci called on Basha's social conscience to be vigilant against arson.

He also called on DP head to sensitize law enforcement agencies to detect and punish the irresponsible persons who set deliberately fires. In conclusion Koci said that Basha is a 'miserable oppositionist'.

This harsh accusation against DP head comes after US Ambassador Yuri Kim called for cooperation between PM Rama and Basha urging them to oust corrupt elected MPs from their lists in the new parliament in September.

/ argumentum.al