EU's Soreca Advises Albanians Afghan People Deserve to Live in Safety and Dignity

"The Afghan people deserve to live in safety, security and dignity," has told EU Delegation Head to Tirana Luigi Soreca Ministers Olga Xhacka and Bleeding Cuci who are key ministers of the task force set up by PM Edi Rama to manage the sheltering of the Afghan refugees in Albania.

Since Friday morning until Saturday 3 groups of refugees had been flown to Tirana. They have been accomodated in Tirana and Durres in the Student City and hotels.

PM Rama welcomed them at Rinas airport telling them that Albanians were like them three decades ago.

But there is a difference: no premiers or ministers received them; they were packed in stadiums for seven days as some were admitted while some other were brought back to Albania.

Food and water were thrown from helicopters flying over the stadium.

Rama did not mention this fact because the families of the former communist regime had a luxurious leaving of Albania enjoying their status to the end.

Below is full post on Twitter by Soreca: "Good discussions today with Ministers @xhacka_olta and @bledicuci . I reiterated #EU  praise for Albania’s readiness to provide temporary shelter to Afghans in need. Both ministers informed me on the ongoing preparations for hosting vulnerable Afghans. We touched upon important issues of their legal status, security checks and freedom of movement. The Afghan people deserve to live in safety, security and dignity." /