Ex- Socialist Minister Sees Albania’s Escape for Educated People in Afghan Refugees

Former Socialist Minister of Economy and Finance Arben Malaj eyes positively the arrival of Afghans in Albania speaking in a talk show on News 24. For Malaj, Albania will need educated people from other countries and emphasizes that Afghans who are coming to this Balkan country are well educated and well trained.

"A very good decision, in line with the hospitable values of Albanians. People support when they do not oppose a decision. It is in our culture,” said Malaj opposing all those Albanians who think that people should be asked about such decisions which affect sensitive issues of this Balkan country.

Malaj has been an adamant opponent of Prime Minister Edi Rama but he has apparently changed heart seeing in premier’s actions ‘wise’ decisions to the benefit of the Albanian people.

Malaj has been a rising star in the SP hierarchy but was anathematized by Rama.

"Albania will need educated people from other countries. The level of their education will be determined by the requirements," Malaj told News24.

According to him, the arrival of Afghans can have a positive impact on business, the creation of new jobs or guarantee that they will not occupy the jobs that Albanians think.

"They can have a positive impact on the business side. They can create more jobs," said Malaj. In addition, according to the former minister, Afghans in Albania do not pose any threat or, moreover, danger to national security.

The former SP lawmaker does not say a word on the bitter reality when Albania is being emptied as thousands of young people, most of whom get graduated in different fields, do not find job places in their country and are stranded in different European countries.  / argumentum.al