Fire at 'Sarajet' Monumental Complex in Tirana Aimed Its Destruction to Build High Towers

The intention of the arsonists, who put on fire the cultural monument building called 'Sarajet' in downtown Tirana last Monday night, was aimed clearly at destroying  these objects and to build towers there, said Majlinda Saraçi, representative of the association 'Autochthonous Society of Tirana’.

"This case as well as the case of the Theater was the consecutive destruction that is being done to the main monuments of culture, art and symbols of Tirana," she said on a local TV on Wednesday.

This fire was not a coincidence; rather it was intentional and predictable, according to her.

"But the biggest surprise was the next deception of Mayor Erion Veliaj, who sought to be justified, but this time not anymore, because now we all know that these are acts which have intentional target to destroy and erect large towers," said Saraçi.

She added that the ‘Autochthonous Society of Tirana’, although created late, aims to protect that part of the art and culture left in Tirana.

'Sarajet', which is partially destroyed by the fire, is an object of history that dates back to 1840 and is one of the best preserved feudal palaces in Tirana and Albania and the only one for the way it was built and preserved.

Until 2000, 'Sarajet' was state-owned and then it was transferred to the private sector and currently the complex has 18 owners. /